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Trucking Insurance 101

Learn more about trucking insurance so you can make an informed decision on your coverage.

Commercial Trucking Insurance
Risk Factor

The type of trucking insurance you need can vary based on a number of factors. Private carriers who are hauling goods in their own truck or for an employer will need insurance designed for private trucking. Owner-operators will have different needs depending on whether they are operating under their own authority or under permanent lease to a motor carrier.


Having the right insurance for the situation is essential. For example, an owner-operator under permanent lease to a motor carrier may have their primary liability insurance provided by the motor carrier. However, there are other coverages they’ll want to consider. Additionally, the type of truck, driver experience, and goods hauled can all affect coverage needs as well.

Garagekeepers and On-Hook
Risk Factor

Tow trucks carry a unique risk involving the property of someone else. The tow truck could be involved in an accident and the vehicle it is towing could become damaged. Also, it’s not unusual for a towed vehicle to be stored overnight at the garage of the towing company. In either scenario, special insurance is needed to cover the towed vehicle.


On-hook insurance provides protection in the case of damages to a vehicle while it is being towed. Garagekeepers insurance would cover losses sustained when a vehicle is being temporarily stored at the towing company’s location.

Bobtail Insurance
Risk Factor

Sometimes a truck is driven without a trailer attached. This could include when the driver is on their way to pick up a load, has just dropped off a load, or is in between loads. When a truck is driven this way under someone else’s trucking authority, a coverage gap can exist if the truck is involved in an accident and found liable for bodily injury or damage to property.


Bobtail insurance is a liability policy that provides coverage for legal fees, damages awarded, and medical expenses for times when a truck is driven under someone else’s trucking authority and there is no trailer attached.

Non-trucking liability
Risk Factor

Trucks that are under permanent lease to a motor carrier are typically covered under their liability coverage, which offers protection when the truck is used for business purposes. But what happens if the truck is involved in an accident and is liable for damages caused while being driven for non-business purposes?


Non-trucking liability insurance offers protection when a truck is driven for personal reasons, for example while running personal errands on a day off. It covers medical expenses, property damage, and legal fees related to the driver.

Trailer Interchange
Risk Factor

There are times a trailer needs to be handed off from one trucker to another to finish the shipment. The contract that arranges this transfer is known as a trailer interchange agreement. The parties to this agreement would need trailer interchange insurance.


If a trailer is damaged, the trucker currently in possession of it would be responsible for them. Trailer interchange insurance offers protection for these damages for the period of time the policyholder is in possession of the trailer.

Rental Reimbursement With Downtime
Risk Factor

A truck that’s been damaged in an accident will need to be taken off the road for repairs. When the truck can’t be used, the business will lose money.


Rental reimbursement with downtime may cover the cost of truck payments and other bills while the truck is inoperable due to a covered loss. It may also provide reimbursement for a temporary replacement truck.

Motor Truck General Liability
Risk Factor

Owner-operators under their own authority and motor carriers can find themselves responsible for their mistakes. A customer injury, a delivery mistake or damage to goods, or damage to property caused by their truck or the actions of a driver can all be very costly.


Motor truck general liability insurance may provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage, personal or advertising injury, and other damages caused by the company’s own negligence.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
Risk Factor

For-hire truckers are often hauling something for someone. For the time that the freight or goods are in the possession of the trucker, the trucker is responsible for any damage to the goods. Whether the goods are damaged in a collision, are spilled off the truck, or damaged during loading and unloading, the expenses associated with this damage can add up fast.


Motor truck cargo insurance, sometimes simply referred to as cargo insurance, may cover the cost of the damaged cargo, removal expenses if the cargo is spilled, lost cargo, legal fees, and freight charges if the cargo is not delivered.

Physical Damage
Risk Factor

If a truck is damaged in an accident and another driver is not held liable for these damages, the truck’s owner would be responsible for the repairs. The truck’s owner would also be responsible for damages caused in other ways, such as if something falls on it, it is vandalized, it catches fire, or it is stolen.


Physical damage insurance covers the cost of repairs to your own vehicle if it’s damaged by you or it is damaged by some other factor that you cannot be held responsible for. For vehicles that are owned outright, this coverage may be optional. However, if the truck is being leased or financed, this coverage may be required by the bank.

In the commercial trucking industry, the inherent risks are multifaceted, complex, and potentially high-impact, making risk management a pivotal element of successful operation. Trucking companies face an array of challenges that can adversely affect their business continuity, ranging from vehicular accidents and cargo damages, to regulatory compliance issues, and liability claims. Furthermore, the heightened complexity brought by factors such as varying cargo types, long-haul routes, or driver health and safety adds another layer of risk. With potential consequences like financial losses, reputational damage, and operational disruption, a comprehensive understanding of these risks is paramount.

This is where the role of an experienced insurance agent becomes critically important. An expert in the field understands the specific challenges inherent in the trucking industry, and has the insight to develop tailored solutions that address these unique risks. A seasoned agent can guide you in selecting insurance products that match your needs, such as comprehensive motor carrier insurance, cargo insurance, general liability, workers compensation, and more. They will also help ensure regulatory compliance, staying up-to-date with ever-changing transportation laws, regulations and requirements, thereby protecting your business from legal repercussions.

Moreover, an adept insurance agent doesn’t just react to situations, they proactively manage risks. They can help implement preventive measures to minimize exposure to potential risks, such as facilitating safety training programs, promoting fleet maintenance, and advising on loss mitigation strategies. Having an experienced insurance agent by your side is not merely about securing a policy; it’s about shaping an effective risk management strategy that aligns with your business goals and enhances operational resilience. Your insurance agent is not just a vendor, but a strategic partner, committed to safeguarding the vitality of your trucking operation.

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